Simone Banks Owner of Sacred Space Candles

Sacred Space is a hand-crafted coconut wax candle company created by ​simóne j banks in 2019. Inspired by her interest in developing a self care ritual that included her love and use of crystal stones and candles, her collection is for those seeking more opportunities to unwind, surrender and breathe into the now. Sacred Space comes from the sheer desire to nourish the mind, body and soul while filling the air with relaxing and comforting scents.

​simóne’s collection encourages the importance of being still, quieting the mind and letting go. Each candle features crushed clear quartz crystals. Select candles include a large, handcut crystal for various intentions- amethyst to cleanse your aura, citrine to invigorate creativity and clear quartz for mental clarity. Every candle is hand-poured and gently curated to feature clean, slow-burning coconut wax along with essential oils and non-toxic, craft fragrances.

with love, ​simóne