4 oz Candles

For travel or gifting, enjoy three or five flame bundles from the Botanical Collection to enjoy in a gold 4oz tin.

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8 oz Candles

Enjoy our Botanical Collection available in 8 oz and made to order 17 oz.

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Create a space for healing, a space for remembering your power, and a space to nourish a rich existence. Create a space for you.

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Be: Collection

Curated with the five elements of our Universe in mind. These five elements represent reciprocity in nature. One feeds the other, the way nature needs no intervention; it just is. Each candle serves as an everyday reminder by way of affirmation on the label. Purposely written in first person for you to repeat and remember to #beherenow. It's all good.

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Botanical Collection

Each candle in our Botanical Collection is adorned with a crystal stone garden featuring crushed clear quartz along with an amethyst, citrine, rose quartz or crystal quartz stone. Available in 4oz, 8oz and made to order 17oz glass jars.

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Fall/Winter 2020

A limited edition release featuring three new scents: Cozy, Winter Air and Harvest Moon.

Cozy: snuggle up with cinnamon, cardamom, and orange peel to awaken your senses and your home with this warm and inviting scent. 

Winter Air: get into the Holiday spirit with this candle inspired by the Christmas tree with citrus top notes, and earthy and woody base notes of amber and cedar. 

Harvest Moon: breathe in the fresh air of autumn as cracked peppercorn blends with a subtle sweetness of orange peel, while tonka bean and vanilla smooth out the base notes for this warm and sultry candle. 

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