New Moon in Cancer Rituals (July 9)

Now is the time. What you most desire, or think about, shall appear before you. Is it what you want?

This July New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions around what you wish to embody, become or even remove from your world. Everything is mental, and when I remember this fact for myself, I know that healing is possible in every area of my life. 

What energies do you wish to call in for your own self healing?

How do you wish to navigate this new chapter that is now before you?

"Cancer is ruled by the crab. The crab is compassionate and nurturing, but also fearlessly loyal and protective. The hard outer shell represents the crab’s ability to protect not only its self, but those that it loves. The soft interior represents the sensitive, loving heart that the crab is often motivated by." (

When creating a ritual for New Moon energy, start with comfort. Part of building a personal practice includes placing yourself in spaces you feel safe, such as in a bath tub, in your meditation or prayer corner, on the floor or even in your bed.

Self-care is being gentle with yourself, and that's remembering that your ritual practice is yours and will not look like anyone else's. 

Set your boundaries, including requesting that this time is quiet and or alone.

Bring with you a journal so that you can write down your intentions for this time spent absorbing the moon's forgiving and rejuvenating energy. Begin with what you are grateful for and close out with what you are willing to do.... For example: I am willing to be open to ideas that I may not fully agree with and listen.

Incorporate aromatherapy such as an incense or a candle. I suggest Reflect or Ground for this practice of renewing your Spirit.  

Set a timer if you need it for intentional quietness. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and lean into quieting your mind. This isn't easy, but it's possible!

Find balance between the softness of your heart and the hard edges you've places around you for protection. We all have them. No shame necessary. Find home this New Moon in Cancer season and make it inside of you. 



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