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So, you want to create a sacred space, but don't know where to begin? No worries, creating a sacred space in your home, office or creative studio can be as simple as establishing a special place to help you feel at peace, connected and empowered within yourself. Wherever you can access privacy and quietness is best!

The best way to think about this is to picture where you can go to to align your energy and connect yourself spiritually and mentally. Make it personal. Include items that bring you pleasure and mean something to you like flowers, a green plant, pictures, artworks, sage or palo santo, crystal stones, candles, incense, inspirational books and more. 

Define your sacred space - what does it mean to you?

Ask yourself what you’re looking to gain from this space and with that intention, clear it so all you interact with are items meant for your healing. A sacred space is a healing space. I suggest using a sage stick or palo santo to cleanse it when you're ready to begin using your space. This gets rid of any stagnant energy currently occupying that space and clears it for your full intention and visions.

Keep your sacred space sacred 

This space is yours. To clutter it with things that are not aligned with the energy of your space interrupts the peace you are intentionally nurturing and it won't serve you as well as you have intended. Be mindful of how others refer or treat this space as well. With our lives being pulled in so many different directions, how wonderful would it be to have something of your own. A space that is for you. Honor that. 

Create your sacred ritual

And lastly, some have been shy about the would ritual, but it only suggests an engagement of practice. These words are inclusive. They mean what you intend for them to mean. If going to your sacred space in the morning helps to ground you for the rest of your day, then show up for yourself in that way. That is ritual practice. It's an unfolding relationship with yourself, so honor it by using it daily. Like anything you practice or put your mind to, that thing becomes more of who you are. Let peace, stillness and quietness become more of your norm. 

In my sacred space, I have a green plant named ZZ, some tarot cards, a Buddha head bust, a stick of palo santo and a candle. I love the aromatherapy of Surrender - lavender and bergamot, and that helps me to relax and truly surrender in my space. 

*photo credit: Diana Simumpan*

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