How To Create A Sacred Space: 4 Rituals For You & Around Your Home

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Affirm: I am a powerful being.

I am worthy of love, peace of mind, and consistent support.

All of my needs are met all the time.

+ A peaceful mind begins with a peaceful environment. 

+ A peaceful home starts with intention.

+ A peaceful body is sustained with practice. 


As we continue to wake up to more signs of inequality, inequity, and harm, it has become more and more clear that we must self-protect our energy, our minds, and our homes. And how is this done? Well, when thinking about creating a sacred space, consider your mind, body, Spirit, and home as one entity that needs your full attention and nurture. When they are taken care of, they all feed you and in return feed others.


Everything you are and everything you touch or pour your energy into is a sacred space. From the way you begin your day, to how you treat your family, friends, and co-workers, to your intimate relationships. You are accountable for the peace and love they feel therefore you must honor where it all comes from; that source being you. It’s all reciprocal, like nature. Everything works together and is systematic to feed you when needed, but the key is to nurture each one, so the WHOLE of you works together for your good.


Here are 4 rituals to help you create a sacred space:

Ritual 1 | For Your Mind

+ No need for a phone here. Try giving up Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even the news for 10 minutes. The world can wait. 

+ Lie in bed a few minutes longer offering good thoughts to yourself. What are you grateful for upon waking up? You can jot these things down or just recite them to yourself in your head. This practice is also good before bedtime.

+ Notice the sound of your surroundings. Is it quiet? Noisy? Surrender to the sounds all around you. You are connected to this. Does it serve you? What change is needed?


Ritual 2 | For Your Body

+ Take five deep breaths while still lying on your back to calm your nervous system. Sometimes the residue from a dream can still be on us, so take a few minutes to untangle your thoughts and breathe. Writing out your dreams can also help for deeper understanding and interpretation.

+ Begin or continue your practice of physical movement. Be it yoga, running or something else, use the morning as an opportunity to stretch, touch your body and reconnect from the night’s rest. Placing your hands on your heart space and belly is a grounding technique to bring you closer to your core source of being. 

+ Plan at least one day a week to be in nature. This could be simpler than you think. Sitting on your porch or deck to read or listen to a podcast or do nothing, taking a walk to a nearby business instead of driving, walking in the rain with an umbrella or not, to simply feel the drops of water on your skin, sitting in the park with your feet in the grass are all options to remind yourself that you are one with ALL life. In what ways can you offer more tenderness, grace, and support to the needs of your body?


Ritual 3 | For Your Spirit

+ If you haven’t already started a new journal for 2021, consider getting a new one. All the energy written about in 2020 is over, and it is important to honor what was to clear space for what is to come. A brand new journal is symbolic of this new energy that you have cleared space for. Close out that old journal with a letter of thanks and open your new one with a letter of welcoming in all that is for you this year. 

+ What books are currently feeding your soul? Pick a book that can assist with your letting go and surrendering more. My pick for this year has been Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

+ Find a meditation app that can help you start a practice or continue with your own. I list meditation in this section instead of the under ‘Ritual 1’ because meditation is all about listening and receiving guidance. This is all about your Spirit communicating with you. Allow it to be so at least 10 minutes a day; morning or evening. What is being asked of you? Are you in service of your purpose?


Ritual 4 | For Your Home

+ Cleanse and clear your space with palo santo or a sage smudge before you begin your day or on Sundays to begin your week. Make this part of your daily or weekly ritual practice and always do so with the intention of ridding the old, stale energy and welcoming in new, loving energy.

+ Candles assist with transforming any space into an olfactory experience. The right candle can honor and complement whatever mood you need to set for yourself or guests. Choose a candle that will enhance the atmosphere you desire in your home, and awaken your senses for peace of mind and complete relaxation.

+ Does it bring your joy? In celebration of Spring, ask yourself this question as you begin to purge your closets, cabinets and junk rooms. If you no longer use it, haven’t thought about it or no longer love it, let it go. Your old treasures will become someone else’s new and beloved treasures.



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